Cocoa Beach Weather Conditions for Travelers

Weather is important. It determines to some degree what kinds of activities we can participate in, how the traffic moves along the highways, and whether you can engage in outdoor activities or not. Driving and traveling are impacted by certain types of weather including extreme heat, rain, and storms. Knowing the kinds of weather, you may be up against in a specific area is important so that you can plan for it.

Of course, no one knows precisely what the weather will be until it gets here. But it helps to know the general climate of an area before you go there.

You’ll be pleased to know that Cocoa Beach has some of the most pleasant weather in the U.S. It’s easy to plan a vacation when you know that the weather will usually be agreeable. However, the weather is unpredictable, and it’s good to know what to expect when planning a vacation.

Cocoa Beach Temperatures

Cocoa Beach weather is mild and comfortable most months of the year. The average temperatures average from 62-71 as the low during the winter months to 88 degrees in July and August. There are exceptions when there is more rainfall than normal or if the winter is abnormally cold. But most years see these temperatures consistently, a climate that is enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

Rainfall Totals in Cocoa Beach

Rainfall varies from month-to-month in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area. The lowest rainfall totals are typically recorded during January and April, while heavier rainfall (around .83) is more typical during June and September. This can vary greatly and is often dependent upon the ocean climate and storms that may come in occasionally to the coast.

Hurricanes are rare in Cocoa Beach, but they have occurred. This site shows the worst five hurricanes that have hit the Brevard County area since 1979, with the most recent being Hurricane Irma (not mentioned in the article), which Brevard did experience as it swept across Florida early this year.

Wind and Stormy Conditions

As mentioned above, rainfall is moderate in Cocoa Beach, as is the temperature and wind conditions. The highest wind gusts are recorded around ten mph, and that usually occurs during March, which usually exhibits some of the windiest conditions of the Cocoa Beach area.

Storms occur occasionally, but most of the time, the weather is warm and tropical, which makes it one of the most sought-after locations on the Florida coast.

If you plan to travel to Cocoa Beach in September, one notable thing you may want to keep in mind is that September is their rainiest month, on average.

If you are planning to stay in the area during a winter month, you may want to bring a sweater or small coat as temperatures can get quite chilly during the evenings due to the coastal breeze and other elements.

This site (Trip Savvy) shows a list of the average temperatures in Cocoa Beach on a month-by-month basis. This can be a helpful list to have handy when you visit the area and are planning to go to Cocoa Beach shortly.

Planning Activities Around the Weather

One of the great things about Cocoa Beach is the fact that the weather is agreeable most times of the year. With the milder, warmer temperatures, you will usually be able to plan most activities without worrying about what the weather will do.

When there is rain or a storm predicted, here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep a weather radio with you at all times.– Even in a moderate and agreeable climate like Cocoa Beach, Florida, weather can change at a moment’s notice. Keep a weather radio that will change according to the geographical area you are in (S.A.M.E. locator technology) so that you will be alerted to any warnings or sudden changes to the weather. Check the weather each morning before you head to the beach or on an outing where you will be driving a long way. If storms or rain are predicted, take an umbrella and be prepared to take cover if necessary.
  • Bring alternative clothing.– Since there is no way to predict exactly what the weather will do, it’s a good idea to bring some alternative clothing items such as jackets, raincoats, and so forth.
  • Pack umbrellas, sweaters, and other items.– Pack an umbrella and other items to prepare if the weather turns bad while you are out.
  • Check tires for tread to be safe in rain or winter weather.-It’s a good idea to get your car ready for changing weather, as well. It’s important that your tire treads are in good shape if it rains, to keep safe as you travel.

Planning Makes Perfect

There are some things you cannot control. Weather and climate are two of them. However, you can plan on keeping informed on the changing weather, packing for possible sudden changes in the weather, and thinking ahead. Dress accordingly and keep items like umbrellas or extra jackets handy just in case it gets cold, especially during the winter months.

Keeping your car in top shape and checking the tread of your tires will keep you from having problems driving on the road when you travel. Just a little planning now can save you a lot of headaches “down the road,” if you’ll pardon the pun.

So, when planning a trip to Cocoa Beach, remember these facts and tips, and hopefully, it will help you to enjoy your trip even more. If you plan an outdoor activity and the weather turns bad on that day, call the location as soon as you can to see if your tickets will work on another night. Sometimes they will give you a refund if you act quickly and you can reschedule the activity for another time.

Traveling During Hot Months

One word of caution you may want to consider if planning to travel to Florida during the hottest times (such as June, July, or August) is that you need to watch the heat index and keep your car engine in good shape. Take water with you in case you have to cool down your vehicle. Most of the time, your car should perform well even in extreme heat. But some cars strand drivers when having to wait long periods of time in line on the highway in extremely hot conditions. Be prepared to take care of your vehicle if your car should get overheated by watching your engine light and RPM meter.

Beware of flooding

As stated before, Cocoa Beach and Brevard County, Florida rarely have hurricanes or extreme weather such as flooding, but it has happened and it could again. Be aware of any potential flooding conditions and be ready to seek higher ground immediately in the event of flooding.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, where you’ll find sun and fun and great weather most months of the year. Remember these tips and refer to our article to know what to expect when traveling to Cocoa Beach.

The 10 Best Hotels in Cocoa Beach, Florida

If you are planning a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, you’ll want to read this post. We’ve researched some of the best hotels and accommodations in the Cocoa Beach area that you can check out when planning your trip to Cocoa Beach. We chose these top 10 hotels due to their customer reviews, location, amenities, and proximity to activities, as well as other points that contribute to a pleasant stay.

One of the essential choices you make on vacation happens before your holiday when you choose one of these great hotels in the Cocoa Beach area. Do your homework beforehand to avoid problems. No one knows what will happen on vacation. But you can increase your chances of having a great trip when you plan.

Check out these ten hotel options when looking for accommodations in Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral area.

Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express in Cocoa Beach is one of the most popular hotels in the area. It is located 45 miles from the Orlando International Airport. What attracts many people to this hotel is a nice atmosphere, amenities, and clean environment. This hotel has nice larger suites as well as smaller units, and many customers reviewed it as being a nice, clean, and roomy accommodation. They also reported that the location is close to the cruise ships and other activities. This hotel received a “Certificate of Excellence” for their high-quality accommodations and amenities.

Hampton Inn Hotel in Cocoa Beach

If you are looking for a great place to stay while visiting Cocoa Beach, here’s another good choice. The Hampton Inn Hotel in Cocoa Beach offers a generous breakfast, wireless internet, and other amenities, including a fitness room and a freeform swimming pool. The breakfasts are legendary at the Hampton, and a free buffet is served each morning. This hotel is close to Cape Canaveral.

Four Points by Sheraton at Cocoa Beach

This is a beautiful hotel that features a giant blue surfboard on the outside of the hotel, making it extremely alluring and cultural. The inside also echoes the culture of the surf community environment. There is a colossal fish aquarium inside along with a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs to take home. The rooms are clean and beautiful with full internet access and all of the extras to make it a home away from home. There are also business conference rooms for businesses.

LaQuinta Inn and Suites

LaQuinta Inn and Suites in Cocoa Beach is another option you have while in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They have pillowtop beds for the greatest in comfort, free wireless internet, and much more. They were awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award by TripAdvisor in 2017, an accolade that they have won 5 years in a row. They were also recently named “excellent” by 66 travelers on They are located close to several popular seafood restaurants in Cocoa Beach and close to many other activities.

Days Inn: Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral

This hotel is located near the Cocoa Beach pier, the Port Canaveral Cruise Port, and the Kennedy Space Center. It’s only steps from the beach and a few minutes from the above activities. The hotel is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pet with you to enjoy a vacation, too! You’ll have access to all of the local activities as well as plenty of amenities within the hotel. There’s also a shuttle available to take you to local activities, so you won’t have to drive everywhere.

Best Western Hotel and Suites

If you are looking for a simple but beautiful place to stay while in the Cocoa Beach area, try the Best Western Hotel and Suites in Cocoa Beach. They are located at N. Atlantic Avenue, and they feature nice roomy units with a great view of the beach. You can stay on the ground floor or a higher unit to see the coastline as you enjoy your stay. Beautiful balcony views of the coastline below are well worth it, and you’ll find this location a great place to hang your hat. The outside resembles a small tower, and beautiful Florida palm trees surround it.

Econo Lodge by the Port

If you want a great location and nice accommodations without the heftier price tag of some of the bigger name hotels, try the Econo Lodge in Cocoa Beach near the Port. It is also located close to other amenities and tourist attractions including:

-Port Canaveral

-The Brevard Zoo

-Space Coast Stadium

-Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

-Melbourne International Airport

Anthony’s on the Beach

Are you someone who likes to do things somewhat “off the beaten path?” If so, you may like this hotel due to its uniqueness and location. Located right on the beach that you can view from the other side of the hotel, this charming location looks solitude compared to many others along the way. It features a nice deck with several private units for you to enjoy the solitude, catch a wave, or just relax. They have a 4 out of 5 rating by their guests, and they are considered both an economical and charming choice while staying in Cocoa Beach.

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Here’s another good choice if you’re looking for places to stay while in the Cocoa Beach area. Located on N. Atlantic Avenue, they have a poolside bar, restaurant, and all of the amenities, including being just a short stroll from the Lori Wilson Park.

The Inn at Cocoa Beach

If you are looking for a beautiful, romantic view, this hotel is charming in the most extreme degree. It has a tranquil and peaceful personality, and they offer the finest in oceanfront amenities and environment. The hotel is designed and decorated in the classic European style that features large oceanfront balconies. You’ll enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean below while feeling the sea breeze on your face. You’ll also enjoy the fresh-baked breakfast served each morning as well as the Wine and Cheese Social each night. For those who are looking to be pampered, this hotel is for you. There is also a breathtaking view of the walkway and patio outside the hotel featuring a romantic fountain and patio laid in red brick cobblestone.

Do any of these hotels in Cocoa Beach, Florida appeal to you? Check them out by clicking the links and see which one appeals to you. They all have their high points, and each one has something special that will help you make your trip to Cocoa Beach even more enjoyable.

Finding the Best Hotels

If you need help deciding or want to search for your own, you can start with TripAdvisor or a similar hotel search tool. These are just some of the best hotels we found in the Cocoa Beach area, according to many of the customer reviews from people who have stayed there and who consider these choices among the best in the Cocoa Beach area.

Whenever you plan to come to Cocoa Beach, bookmark these sites so that you’ll have plenty of resources when you plan your trip to Cocoa Beach.

The Best Restaurants in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida is a great place to visit or go if you want something different in the state of Florida. Their lesser populated beaches and beautiful clear water shores attract many to this unique site. Surfers who prefer smaller waves or who are learning to surf will appreciate the calmer but more consistent waves that you find on this beach. Watersports abound, and beach lovers enjoy the environment of this beautiful Atlantic coastline location.

Dining and shopping are also two activities that people love to do while visiting Florida. If you’re planning a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, you’ll want to know where to go for great dining. While there, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to dine in excellent restaurants and experience lots of different types of cuisine.

To help you do this, we’ll explore some of the best and most popular restaurants in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area that you can check out when you go to Cocoa Beach. We’ve included different examples of great restaurants in various styles and price ranges so feel free to browse the selection below and decide which ones you’d like to check out first.

1. Florida’s Fresh Grill– The first restaurant we’ll feature in this post if Florida’s Fresh Bar and Grill. They feature some of the best cuisines in the seafood category and gourmet items that you’ll crave. They also serve prime steaks and unique drinks to whet your palette. They have received the “Certificate of Excellence” for fine restaurants in the Cocoa Beach area, and their customers agree. It is a bit more on the pricey side, but it sure fits the bill if you want to find high-quality seafood and steak in Cocoa Beach.

2. Fat Kahuna’s Beach Side GrilleFat Kahuna’s is another popular location in Cocoa Beach that features a true seafood experience on the coast of Cocoa Beach. However, you can find many more types of food items than just seafood. They feature everything from seafood to fine stakes, chicken, and even vegetarian options for those who prefer not to eat meat. It’s all presented in the most elegant way and garnished with Hawaiian accents for a full effect. It’s a fine dining experience that features a casual environment.

3. Brano’s Italian Grill– The Brano’s Italian Grill features excellent Italian food with a daily lunch special for only $5.95! You’ll find all types of pasta and great-tasting Italian cuisine here and a nice and comfortable atmosphere, as well. They even feature a catering service and live daily music on Indian Harbor Beach. Enjoy fine dining at a great price with great ambiance at this restaurant in Cocoa Beach.

4. Pavoratti’s Pizza– If you’re looking for a great way to save money while enjoying some of the best pizza in the Cocoa Beach area, try Pavoratti’s Pizza. They have a special every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday like spaghetti and meatballs for only $7 and a 16-inch cheese pizza for only $8.99. It’s a great place to take kids or guests to save money on lunch while enjoying the atmosphere.

5. Sandsbar Sports Grille– This is a great place if you want Mexican food while in the Cocoa Beach area. Check out their menu and see if you see anything you like. You’re sure to find something good that’s worth checking out this cute little location for. They have Cajun style cuisine, Mexican tacos, and seafood, all in one place. It’s also a great hangout for the younger people in the area.

6. Juice and Java Cafe– If you’re not out for a full meal or dinner but want a great place to relax and unwind, how about a cup of Java or juice at the Juice and Java Cafe? They are rated #16 out of 99 restaurants in the Cocoa Beach area. They have espresso coffees, freshly roasted coffees, breakfast wraps, and juices, to name a few. They had several reviews from local and visiting customers and received a 4.5 out of 5 rating overall.

7. Vargas Cafe– If you’re looking for a place to go that’s close to Cape Canaveral, try the Vargas Cafe. They feature Latin, Cuban, and Cafe style items and they feature breakfast and lunch items, coffees, unique cuisine, and more. They are located only about 4 miles down the road from Cape Canaveral, so it’s a great stopover when visiting the space center.

8. Remy (on the Disney Cruise Line)– If you love French cuisine or just want to feel like a king (or queen), you may want to write down this restaurant as a “must try” location. You can only enjoy the exquisite dishes prepared by professional chefs at Remy’s while aboard the Disney Cruise Line that you can board close to Cocoa Beach. It is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida and features a truly unique and romantic experience that is hard to beat. Many customers report in the reviews that it is the best meal of a lifetime! Remember it is not cheap, though. The going price is around $95 per plate so save some of your vacation money for this unique experience.

9. Pita Paradise GrillPita Paradise is located along the Cocoa Beach Causeway and features unique cuisine that is based in Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Greek style. It has high ratings in virtually ever area a restaurant strives to achieve such as environment, quality of food, value, and service. You’ll find a little bit of everything here to tantalize your taste buds, and it is conveniently located along the causeway at Cocoa Beach.

10. Beachside Grill and Deli– If you’re looking for something fast but tasty, grab a delicious sandwich or salad at the Beachside Grill and Deli. It’s an American delicatessen, and it’s vegetarian-friendly, too. You’ll find something to delight your tastes here. The price is moderate and very affordable, making it even more appealing. Many customers enjoy the chicken salad and ham sandwiches, to name a few of their more popular items.

Something for Everyone in Cocoa Beach!

As you can see, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding delicious cuisine in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area. You don’t have to travel far within the Cocoa Beach Causeway to find some great-tasting food and stop over for a break before proceeding with your vacation.

While there, be sure to venture out to Cape Canaveral to view the Space Center and more while enjoying one of the restaurants closeby. Whether you like exquisite, fancy French cuisine at Remy’s while aboard the Disney Cruise Line or just a quick snack at the Beachside Grill, you’ll enjoy the unique treatment and experience you’ll experience at Cocoa Beach.

Check out the menus and reviews on the above sites that we left you for a reference and see why Cocoa Beach is one of the most talked about location for great dining experiences. With all of these selections to choose from, you won’t go hungry while in Cocoa Beach.