Top 10 Things to Do in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Florida is known for its sunny beaches, endless coasts, and fun water activities. Thousands of people flock to The Sunshine State yearly to take in the sun and fun. Cocoa Beach, Florida is of particular interest to many, and it is considered one of the best place to take kids on vacation, as well as a romantic getaway for adults.

Where is Cocoa Beach?

If you have never been to Cocoa Beach, here’s a little information about this remote area. It is located on the East Coast of Florida in Brevard County. On the Brevard County website, they have subtitles of “Nature, Beaches, and Space,” three central parts of the types of attractions that people are attracted to when visiting the area.

Cocoa Beach features clear, blue water because it is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, unlike many locations on the Emerald Coast. It offers a different view of the ocean than you can find when visiting the other side of Florida so it may be worth your time to visit there whenever you can.

What to do in Cocoa Beach?

So what can you do in Cocoa Beach? How is the area different than other areas of Florida? In this post, we will look at ten of our favorite things to do in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Check as many out as you can should you decide to venture to this exciting place. Check out the below links and resources as you consider your next vacation. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Ride the WavesCocoa Beach is a great place to catch a wave. But don’t expect to practice your professional surfing run here. These are calm, consistent waves with water that is shallow enough to wade past the breakers and learn to surf. They offer surf lessons for beginners of all ages, and you can also rent a surfboard there. Surfing beginners or those who don’t want to take on the more dangerous waves will appreciate the slow, simple surfing opportunities.

2. Visit Ron Jon Surf Shop– If you think surfing may be for you, make sure and visit the world’s largest surf shop. At Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, you’ll find 2,500 square feet of items including surfboards, surf clothing gear, and equipment. It’s also a beautiful tourist attraction due to the large fish tanks, beautiful flowing waterfalls, and glass elevators.

3. Hang out at the coast– There are so many different activities you can take part in when you visit Cocoa Beach, that it’s hard to know where to start. But one of the best things you can do is just to hang out on the beach and enjoy the coastline. This is the heart of what people want when they come to Florida, to relax, and feel the waves caress their feet. Look out the horizon, take a romantic walk, and just “be.” It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and take in life at its finest.

4. Visit Deep Space– While in Cocoa Beach, be sure to check out the space opportunities. Space Coast Segway Tours offer a fun and exciting adventure by offering a ride through sunny Port Canaveral. It’s close to the Ron Jon Cape Caribe resort area, and you can often catch a view of nearby cruise ships. This is an excellent tourist attraction to put on your list and don’t forget to take the kids along so that they can learn all about the U.S. Space Program while you are there. It’s an educational experience for everyone.

5. Skateboarding and Roller-Blading– If you are a skateboarder or prefer concrete over water, you’ll love Cocoa Beach Skate Park, the concrete version of the surfing pier. Youngsters don their roller blades, roller skates, and skateboards daily to take on the “Half Pipe,” a challenging half pipe and deep bowls where you can focus on your skating skills. Brave youngsters from around the country take on Half Pipe annually and show off to their friends at the same time. See what you can do if you are an avid skateboarder.

6. Shopping and Dining– Cocoa Beach is a great place to get away from it all. While you’re there enjoying the ocean, why not take in the one-of-a-kind shopping areas, museums, eco-tours, and more. Visit Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral and look out over the ocean from an extreme view while learning about Space and Astronomy. Nearby is the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where you can learn all about America’s missions to space.

7. Kayak Tours– If you are a kayak expert (or want to be), try out the many kayak tour opportunities in the Cocoa Beach area. You’ll see manatees and dolphins on your tour many times and learn to perfect your kayaking style while enjoying a pristine view of the water. If you prefer paddleboarding or boating, you can do that too.

8. Take pictures and videos– If you are a photographer or videographer, you’ll love the excellent opportunity you’ll have to capture some of the most beautiful footage you’ve ever seen in the Cocoa Beach, Florida area. Take pictures of the coast, film surfers and fishing, or just take a picture of the sunset at dusk. It’s a great place to develop your photography skills while taking in the beautiful scenery of Cocoa Beach.

9. Eat outside- If you want to be closer to the beautiful views, visit one of the restaurants on the coastline in the Cocoa Beach area and dine right outside. Fat Kahuna’s Sunset Grille serves excellent cuisine in the great outdoors! Whether you are a seafood buff, steak lover, or a vegetarian, you’ll love the many gourmets and other food choices at this place.

10. Paddleboards and Boating– If you are looking for a truly unique winter getaway, you can check out the paddleboard and other water sporting activities in the Cocoa Beach area. Boat rentals are available for a short or all-day cruise with family and friends or check out the Craigcat smaller boat rentals that allow you to cruise leisurely around and enjoy the water in style. You’ll love the calm and gentle water in the Cocoa Beach area.

Why Cocoa Beach, Florida?

If all of these things don’t convince you that Cocoa Beach is a great place to visit, check out the beautiful beaches and scenery you can find all along the coast of Cocoa Beach and other areas of Florida. Cocoa Beach is a great place to go if you are a surfer who wants the smaller waves, an older person or family with kids where you don’t want the higher profile areas or rougher surf.

Cocoa Beach is a true visitor’s paradise that features many different water sporting opportunities, coast viewing, photography opportunities, and dining and shopping choices. It’s a great choice when you want calmer waves, beautiful clear water, sporting opportunities, or the chance to see sea life up close and personal with a kayak or paddleboat tour. There are endless activities awaiting you at Cocoa Beach.

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